Personal Accountability Survey Assessment

Sorry to burst your bubble, but you are not as accountable as you think you are.  But you’re in luck… do I ever have the book for you!  Please check out the book How Leaders Can Inspire Accountability and take careful notes. You too can become a great leader, a better model of accountability, and inspire others to follow your example!

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Resources To Get You Started

Every leader dreams of inspiring a team of individuals to unite around a common purpose, care deeply about achieving the team’s goals, and work together to produce exceptional results. But in their quest to lead such a team, many leaders don’t realize how they frequently encourage the opposite behavior.

Using a compelling combination of teaching principles and illustrations backed by loads of scientific studies, Timms reveals three habits of personal accountability that are easy to implement and which can instantly begin transforming positional leaders into true leaders who inspire everyone to take more accountability for results.

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How Leaders Can Inspire Accountability Keynote

How Leaders Can Inspire Accountability reveals the latest research around what levers CEOs and other executives can pull to infuse accountability into the fabric of their organization’s culture to get the right behaviours, and the right results, more often.

Creating Accountability Workshop Series

Accountability is about taking ownership of results and working to improve future results.  When organizations have a culture of accountability, employees:

  • take ownership of results, rather than just “do their job”
  • focus on what they can do to improve results rather than what they can’t do
  • help their teammates instead of throwing them under the bus
  • ask for feedback and accept it with openness and a desire to learn
  • take the initiative to fix problems instead of leaving them for someone else to deal with

If this sounds like the type of culture you would like in your organization, the Avail Leadership Creating Accountability Workshop Series can help you achieve it.

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Your score and responses will be emailed to you shortly.

Make sure to check your inbox for periodic leadership development tips. Feel free to unsubscribe at any time.