creating accountability

Create a culture that elevates employee performance and company results.

People in high accountability cultures work cooperatively with their teammates, they feel safe to innovate and take ownership of problems, and they focus on solutions instead of pointing fingers when things go wrong. Learn how to create it.

Creating accountability workshop series

The Creating Accountability Workshop Series is designed for managers and future managers. 

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Program Delivery

Each workshop can be delivered in two ways:

  1. In-Person. Each learning module is delivered in-person as a full-day workshop.
  2. Virtual. Each workshop is delivered in two 3-hour sessions one or two weeks apart.

Each workshop is provided one month apart to allow participants to practice what they learned.

A 1.5-hour virtual follow up session is offered and recommended so participants can share what went well and what didn’t go well as they applied the principles they learned.  We will then discuss ways to improve their outcomes next time. This option has been shown to be highly effective at reinforcing learning to ensure maximum retention and sustained behaviour change.

Participants will be given assignments before and after each learning module.

Participants will receive detailed workbooks that contain supplemental material and tools and templates to help participants complete their assignments.

Executive attendance at Avail Leadership training is mandatory.

creating a culture of leadership & accountability is possible.

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