Culture of excellence

Create a culture where everyone strives for excellence and
knows how to achieve it

Excellence is built on a foundation of accountability. When accountability is the norm, people feel safe to take ownership of problems, they cooperate instead of pointing fingers, and they find sustainable solutions that make the whole organization smarter. It begins with changing senior managers’ behavior. Learn how.

Creating accountability workshop series

Changing behavior starts with learning a better way to solve your problems. These workshops teach managers the few, highest impact leadership behaviors that empower excellence.

Consulting services

Knowing is not doing. The workshops equip managers with new methods and tools, but managers need help applying what they learned.

  • Leadership Assessments. Allow managers to discover their true leadership strengths and weaknesses so they know what to work on. Assess again after the workshops to see how well the training has enhanced their strengths and diminished their weaknesses.
  • Change Management Planning. Changing behavior is hard. For managers to fully adopt these new practices, the organization’s structure and systems need to support them. Michael will facilitate planning sessions with the executive team to brainstorm ways to overcome obstacles and support managers to make the changes required.
  • Peer Coaching. Some managers have solved problems that others are struggling with. Small groups of peer coaching cohorts provide a venue for managers to discuss their most difficult leadership challenges, share their solutions to similar problems, and receive suggestions from Michael.
  • Leadership Competency Development. Stop promoting people based on technical ability rather than leadership ability. Codify your new leadership standards to ensure you only hire and promote people to leadership positions who meet the standard.

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