Leadership Development Program

Create a culture where everyone strives for excellence and knows
how to achieve it

Individual and organizational excellence is built on a foundation of accountability.

When accountability is the norm, people feel safe to take ownership of problems, they cooperate instead of point fingers, and they find sustainable solutions that make the whole organization smarter. It begins with changing senior managers’ behavior. Learn how.


“One and done” leadership training initiatives rarely produce meaningful change. Achieving lasting behavior and cultural transformation requires multiple interventions.

Here are some key components of the Creating a Culture of Excellence Leadership Development Program.

  1. Baseline Leadership Assessment. Each participant will receive candid feedback from their direct reports on certain high-impact leadership behaviors through a 180-degree assessment. This inspires motivation to improve, provides clarity about exactly what to change, and establishes baseline data to measure progress.
  2. Coaching & Development Plan. Each participant will meet with Michael to review their assessment results and design a custom development plan.
  3. Workshops. There are a million things you can do to become a better leader. We focus on the few and most powerful leadership behaviors that make the greatest positive impact on people and performance. Four workshops are delivered in several bite-sized parts either in person or virtually. Each workshop includes a 90-minute virtual follow-up session to reinforce learning and build accountability into the learning model. (See workshop descriptions below.)
  4. Tools & Resources. Each workshop introduces new tools and resources to help managers apply what they learn. Client organizations will receive editable digital versions of these tools that they may modify and make their own. We recommend saving these tools in a shared common drive.
  5. Culture Change Planning. The executive team will meet with Michael to identify potential obstacles that participants may face in adopting the new leadership habits and practices and then brainstorm solutions.
  6. Company-wide Keynote. After the senior managers have begun modeling a higher standard of accountability and performance,  you’ll want the whole organization to learn this new standard and how to achieve it.
  7. Progress Leadership Assessment. Participants will receive another 180-degree feedback assessment to measure progress.
  8. Coaching & Updated Development Plan. Participants will meet with Michael again to review their results, celebrate their progress, and document next steps.

It usually takes about a year for the senior management cohort to run through the program. Subsequent cohorts may complete the program in only 6 – 9 months. Multiple cohorts may run concurrently. Workshops work best with cohorts of 9–25 participants.


These workshops teach managers the highest-impact leadership behaviors that empower excellence.

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