How Delegating Can Save You 15 Hours A Week

If you’ve ever felt that you don’t have time to do the strategic work you should be doing, then this is for you.

I am excited to share a video clip with you from my latest webinar, “Doing More With Less,” about the crucial topic of delegation and its impact on individual and organizational success.

Did you know that managers spend a staggering 35% – 40% of their time on tasks that could be easily handled by someone with less experience? Just imagine what you could achieve with an additional 15 hours every week!

If you think saving time is the only reason to delegate, think again. That’s just one of many benefits of delegating, which I share in this video, that you, your team, and your organization could be receiving.

The video below provides some insights and a reminder that leveraging this powerful leadership responsibility and skill will make everyone’s work more enriching and engaging.

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