Should I Write Up My Employee?

Do you have an employee with performance problems?

Every manager will have to deal with a difficult or struggling employee many times throughout their career.  Many business professionals refer to this as “performance management.”  I call it “leadership,” because its in these situations that a manager’s leadership is truly tested and revealed.

Leadership isn’t necessary if everyone who reports to you intuitively does exactly what you want them to do all the time.

A senior manager at a client organization recently asked me whether he should write up an employee for performance problems.  I recorded my answer to his question in the following 3-min video.  My suggestions are primarily intended for a non-unionized workplace, but the principles about trust and relationships apply in any context.

Although I can’t tell you how to solve your employee performance problems in a single video, I’d like to share some important tips that will save you a lot of grief. 

Click the image below to hear my suggestions.    

YouTube - Michael Timms

I sincerely appreciate the manager who asked this question, and I encourage you to ask me questions in the comments section or simply reply to this email.

If you would like your management team to learn better ways to deal with employee performance problems (and prevent them in the first place!) you should check out the Creating Accountability Workshop Series.

I’d be happy to connect with you to discuss ideas about how you can help your managers increase employee engagement, reduce turnover, and achieve their goals more consistently.

Keep elevating others!

Michael Timms

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